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These days, you pretty much have to have a side hustle to help make ends meet. There are a lot of scammers out there ready to take money from you instead of helping you make money. I have tried lots and lots of different options to earn extra income. These are the best I have found. I will only feature opportunities here that I have personally tried and actually made money from. 

Bruce W. Coffman


This is my absolute number one money maker. Mode Mobile, formerly Current, lets you listen to music to earn points you can convert into gift cards like Amazon, Visa or PayPal payments. 

You can also earn by completing offers, viewing news, watching ads, taking surveys and referring others.


You can find just about any kind of music you can imagine to enjoy and the ads are no more frequent than a typical radio station, maybe even less. 


This is an easy and enjoyable app and I could not recommend it more highly. Sign up with my link below for a special bonus and I'll get a little something, too! Enjoy!

I have used this one for years and made quite a bit of money from it. As a matter of fact, I earned enough last year to buy all my Christmas gifts with the PayPal payments and Amazon gift cards I got from Swagbucks

There are a few basic ways to earn points (Swagbucks) which you can convert into a wide variety of gift cards or PayPal payments.

The most common are fairly short and easy surveys and completing offers. There are a wide variety of completely free offers and those are the only ones I participate in to earn points. You should never spend money when trying to earn money.

There is also cash back shopping and a few other ways to earn, so check it out!

This is another one I have used for years. It used to be better in some ways. It seems I could earn a little faster in the past, but they have lowered the minimum amount to cash out to $15.00 instead of $30.00, so that's a little better.

It says you get paid to read emails, which is technically no longer true. You earn chances to scratch a ticket when you read emails from them and you usually only get a few cents at a time.

You can also complete free offers and do surveys. If you do the surveys, be patient because you will get disqualified a lot. It takes a little patience and persistence, but you can earn from this one. It's worth giving a try. 


2 Home Based Businesses You Can Start for FREE

If you've ever thought of owning your own home based business but don't want to invest any money, I have two great ones that I'm currently running. Both are available with no investment whatsoever and both give you your very own personal website.

AVON has been around for a very, very long time and is one of the pioneers in the beauty industry. Right now you can become a representative and get your very own, personalized website to sell AVON online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check it out by clicking here

Another free option is Stylist Solutions. You can get your own free ethnic hair care and beauty products site which offers a wide variety of products including makeup, top selling fragrances and more. Check it out by clicking here

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